Living Seasonally

Discover Our Brand New Living Seasonally Back Bar Program

Tailored for spa professionals, this annual program evolves with the seasons to meet your spa's specific needs. From full-body treatments to seasonal pedicure protocols, benefit from personalized one-on-one support.

Featuring products like Scrub, Butter, Dry Mask, Raw Honey, Steaming Tea, and Foot and Body Soak - all made with seasonal ingredients inspired by honeybees.

Join us to access self-guided training documents and marketing materials. Elevate your spa experience with our Living Seasonally program.

Each Seasonal Collection includes a luxurious blend of seasonal essences and botanical extracts that will leave your client’s skin glowing.

Celebrate the beauty of the seasons while promoting wellness for mind, body, spirit, and colony. Experience the joy of encountering honeybees!

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What’s in Season?